Magnetotherapy is the clinical system of treating diseases through the application of magnets to the human body. Naturopathy has accepted this system as one of its branches as there are no medicines involved and both help to regulate and strengthen the natural systems working in our body.


About Magnetotherapy

The oldest mention of magnet as a healing agent is found in the Atharva Veda wherein in Mantras 3 &4 of Sukta 17 speak of the stoppage of bleeding with the help of magnet and Mantras 2&3 of Sukta 35 talk of treatment of certain female ailments with magnets.

Effects of Magnets

Affects blood flow as it activate the Iron content in blood

Increase secretions of hormones

Normalise functions of Autonomic Nervous System.

Build and rejuvenate cells and tissues.

Magnetic Application

The two poles of a magnet has different effects. North Pole(NP) is very effective in diseases caused by bacterial infections, as it diminishes bacterial growth.It also decrease the excitability and growth. Good in case of Ulcers, Wounds, Tumors,Bolis etc South Pole(SP) enhances excitability and growth.Therefore it is adviced in all painful conditions, Stiffness and Weakness.


LOCAL: In local treatment the selected pole is applied directly on the affected area or placed nearest to the spot if it is sensitive or painful. If both poles are required, the main magnet is placed on the ailing sport and the second under the palm or sole.


Standard Leads of Magnetic Application

There are 5 standard leads

Lead 1- NP on Right Arm, SP on Left Arm

Lead 2-NP on Right Arm, SP on Left Leg

Lead 3-NP On Left Arm, SP on Left Leg

Lead 4-NP on Right Hand, SP on Right Foot

Lead5-NP on Right Foot, SPon Left Foot

Magnets Used in Therapy

Magnets of various shapes, sizes and strengths are used to regulate and strengthen the natural system and preserve the balance of magnetic field in the body. Two types of artificial magnets are used: Electro-magnets and permanent magnets. Electro-magnets work only when connected to electricity. Permanent magnets are fully charged with electric current and remain permanently magnetized. They are made of an alloy called alnico composed of aluminium, nickel, iron and cobalt in different proportions. For most treatments disc shaped magnets of medium or high potency (1500-3000 gauss power) are generally used. These discs are usually sold in pairs – north pole and south pole... Each session in magnetotherapy lasts for 20-30 minutes. Initially, magnets are applied for 5 minutes just once a day and gradually increasing to 20-30 minutes twice a day depending upon the individual. Treatment can continue even after complete cure to preserve general health. In fact, even normal, healthy people are advised to apply magnets for 10 minutes daily to keep fit. Magnetized water is also strongly recommended. This is the only prescribed medication and acts as a tonic. Besides water, other liquids – milk, fruit juice, hair and skin oils- can also be magnetized. All one has to do is place two-litre jugs of water on the two poles of disc magnets of 3000 gauss power for twelve to twenty four hours. For regular use 5-6 hours is adequate. The water can be stored in separate bottles labeled north and south and some of it can be mixed and labeled bio-polar. Two ounces twice a day is prescribed for adults and one ounce for children. The dose can be diluted with water if it causes dryness.

Other Commonly Used Instruments

Magnetic Belts,Magnetic Necklace,Magnetic Chair, Magnetic Bed etc


Magnetotherapy has proved especially effective in curing digestive and nervous disorders and relieving aches and pains especially rheumatism, arthritis. Good in case of Sciatica,Paralysis,Migraine,Hypertension,Sinusitis,Menopause complaintsetc


1. Immediately after magnetic treatment no cold baths or meals should be taken.

2. Watches should be removed during treatment./p>

3. Magnets must be kept away from children.

4. When not in use magnets must be kept joined with a keeper in a wooden box.

5. High powered magnets should not be applied to pregnant woman.

6. Opposite poles of high power magnets must not be near each other face to face.

7. All bio-magnetic aids must be kept away from fire.