Gem therapy

Gem therapy is an alternative form of healing. Practitioners of this therapy believe that gemstones carry certain vibrations which when placed within a person's aura, has the effect of changing it.

Gem Therapy
Gem therapy

About Gem Therapy

It is believed that the human aura consists of nine colours, namely: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, re, infra red and ultra violet. Any deficiency or excess of these colours upsets the body's energy balance leading to illness. Gemstones heal by restoring the balance to the original composition of the nine colours.  Gemstones transmit a specific wavelength to the body, which converts these rays into a chemical form that the body can utilize to improve its functioning both on a physical and an emotional level.

Gems have been in use by humans for many thousand years as a means of gathering wealth and prosperity. In addition, ancients also used gems for their astrological significance (and therapeutical value) in protecting oneself from misfortunes or averting disasters. Although gems have diverse use, their healing property was never taken lightly and its given utmost importance by medical astrologers and other holistic therapists. When it comes to medicinal use, gems are selected according to the type of rays they refract, suitability and requirement for the specific individual based on their astrological signs and position. It’s a well known truth that our body is composed of five elements (Earth, water, air, ether, and fire) and gems fall into the earth element category. In addition to the healing properties of earth they also possess healing effects of colour (explained elsewhere). According to gem therapy, a disease or a disorder is seen with the occurrence of disruption in the flow of energy through the chakras. Using gems for therapeutical purpose was found to rejuvenate the body and restore equilibrium. This happens by bringing about a change at the energy plane of the body, where the body absorbs required colour and energy from the cosmos through the gem. In our Nature Care Centre we use both Medical Astrology and Gem therapy in treating an individual as a part of holistic facility. Clients are given consultation, and treatments are chosen for the individual according to their requirement and necessity.